A Figure in Hiding (The Hardy Boys, Original Series, Book by Franklin W. Dixon

By Franklin W. Dixon

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Hardy took it, promising to drop it into the nearest mail-box. " The next two days the Hardy boys heard nothing further from their father concerning the Eye Syndicate; nor did they make any progress with the mystery of Chet Morton's disappearance. There had been no word from their chum and not the slightest clue as to his whereabouts. The Bayport police had failed to find any trace of him, and Mr. and Mrs. Morton were almost frantic with anxiety. At the Bayport High School the disappearance of Chet was the main topic of converA Strange Message 91 sation.

It's worth trying," returned his brother. The two boys kept the girl in sight. They surmised that she was employed as a maid in the Baker household, and suspected by her actions that this hurried journey was very likely the result of Sinder's visit to the house. The girl went down a street that led to the outskirts of the village. The boys, following at a discreet distance, saw her leave the sidewalk and enter a path that led on through the shrubbery toward the river. They lost sight of her for a while as the trail turned and 78 A Figure in Hiding twisted through, the trees.

What money? " "And he wants to find out when we're coming. " The lads were completely mystified by Chet's strange message. Frank's first move was to dash for the phone and call the stout lad's home. In as few words as possible he told Mr. Morton about the telegram. "At least we know your son is alive and well," said Frank in relief. "That's the main thing. " "Call me back as soon as you hear from him," said Mr. Morton in excitement. "How in the world did he get to Boston? And why? " "We'll soon find out," promised Frank.

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