A grammar of dime by Mulugeta Seyoum

By Mulugeta Seyoum

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S#iftaye zim-af-is-im-k shiftaye chief-PL-DEF-ACC-too ‘Shiftaye killed the chiefs too. deis-i-n kill-PF-3 When two conjoined object nouns occur in a sentence both nouns must be marked for case as in 42. 42. 3. 4). 2 The dative The dative in Dime is marked with –in. In three place verbs, the patient/affected (direct) object complement is marked by the accusative which is discussed in the previous section. The second complement representing the recipient or goal noun is marked by the dative. The patient or the recipient argument can be omitted if it can be understood from the context.

B. /a⁄lfe /a⁄Âe and and ha⁄lfe ha⁄Âe ‘knife’ ‘wood, tree’ c. d. /a⁄a⁄ke /aay and and ha⁄a⁄ke haay ‘to pick up’ ‘grass’ However, there are also words, where / and h are in opposition word initially. 72. a. b. /a⁄s‹in ‘to insult’ ha⁄s‹in ‘behind’ Moreover, there are examples which show free variation between y and h, and y and /. yi⁄zi⁄ or hi⁄zi⁄ yi⁄n or /i⁄n 73. a. b. 5 Gemination ‘to run’ ‘you (obj)’ Gemination is phonemic in Dime. For instance, /ime ‘breast’ contrasts with /imme ‘give’, and tumu ‘deep water’ with tummu ‘stomach’.

It appears in only word medial, final and pre-consonantal positions. The consonant phoneme r does not occur geminated and it is not attested in post-consonantal position. l appears very frequently in initial, medial, final, and in pre-consonantal position. w frequently occurs in word initial position and in rare cases in word final position. It has also a geminated form and it is attested in pre-consonantal position. y occurs in all positions except postconsonantal. The glides w and y occur geminated as in g´wwu ‘hookworm’ and /iyyi⁄ ‘person’.

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