A Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of Southern Africa by Rudy van der Elst, Dennis King

By Rudy van der Elst, Dennis King

Книга представляет собой краткой информационный определитель обычных морских рыб региона. Для 268 видов рыб приводятся сведения по внешнему облику, наиболее заметным особенностям, питанию и местам размножения, дополненные полноцветными фотографиями и картами распространения.
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These vocalizations are predominantly produced by males and serve to attract mates, to compete with conspecifics, and to defend territories by deterring rivals. The structure of these songs may vary widely among species, ranging from the “hoots” of owls and the “coos” of doves and pigeons to the elaborate songs of many songbirds. Signals produced in these contexts are subject to sexual selection and birdsong is no exception. In fact, many aspects of sexual selection have been tested using birdsong.

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