Action Rules Mining (Studies in Computational Intelligence, by Agnieszka Dardzinska

By Agnieszka Dardzinska

We're surrounded via facts, numerical, express and differently, which needs to to be analyzed and processed to transform it into details that instructs, solutions or aids realizing and choice making. info analysts in lots of disciplines akin to company, schooling or medication, are often requested to research new facts units that are usually composed of diverse tables owning diverse houses. they fight to discover thoroughly new correlations among attributes and express new chances for users.

Action principles mining discusses a few of info mining and data discovery rules after which describe consultant thoughts, tools and algorithms hooked up with motion. the writer introduces the formal definition of motion rule, thought of an easy organization motion rule and a consultant motion rule, the price of organization motion rule, and provides a technique how one can build easy organization motion principles of a lowest fee. a brand new procedure for producing motion principles from datasets with numerical attributes by way of incorporating a tree classifier and a pruning step in keeping with meta-actions can also be provided. during this booklet we will locate primary techniques useful for designing, utilizing and enforcing motion principles besides. distinctive algorithms are supplied with valuable clarification and illustrative examples.

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Computational Intelligence
Data Mining and data Discovery
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Otherwise, the confidence of the rule ci → ej is checked. If that confidence is either above or equals the assumed threshold value, the rule is approved and the corresponding relationship {xi , pi }i∈N ⊆ {yj , qj }j∈M is marked. Otherwise this corresponding relationship remains unmarked. 37) - not marked - marked negative - not marked We obtained seven marked positive rules, where support and threshold hold, and nine rules, where only support holds. 5. We propose the following definition for concatenating any two sets c∗i = {xi , pi }i∈N , e∗j = {yj , qj }j∈M where K = M ∩N : (ci ·ej )∗ = {(xi , pi ·qj )}i∈K .

We can extract the set of classification rules from complete or incomplete decision systems as well. 1 Attribute Dependency and Coverings Let B and C be two nonempty sets of the set of all attributes A in S = (X, A, V ). Set C depends on set B, (B → C), if and only if B ⊆ C [14]. Note that B → C if and only if the attribute dependency inequality B ∗ ≤ C ∗ holds. It means, that for each equivalence class E of B ∗ there exist equivalence class E of C ∗ such that E ⊆ E . Therefore, if a pair of objects cannot be distinguished by means of elements from B, they cannot also be distinguished by elements from C.

We say that tableaux system S1 represents information system S2 if there is a containment mapping from S1 to S2 . 18 because of the containment mapping Ψ given below: Ψ (vd ) = pediatric Ψ (n3 ) = Smith Ψ (n2 ) = maternity Ψ (n4 ) = Brown Ψ (n1 ) = Jones Ψ (n5 ) = Brown The notion of containment mapping is transitive which means that if there are containment mappings from S1 to S2 and from S2 to S3 , then also there is a containment mapping from S1 to S3 . Let us define satisfaction of functional dependencies for tableaux system in the same way as for relations.

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