Advances in the Theory and Measurement of Unemployment by Yoram Weiss, Gideon Fishelson

By Yoram Weiss, Gideon Fishelson

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Therefore, the (2,2) type can reveal himself via a mechanism that puts some positive probability on the disagreement outcome, which is worth more for him than for the (2,1) type. In particular, let (n, w) be the ° 42 Search Unemployment: Theory and Measurement probability of breaking-off of negotiations and a wage for a worker who is claiming to be of (2,2) type. If (n, w) satisfies nOvo (2,2) + (l-n)w ~ w(I,O) novo (2,1) + (l-n)w S w(I,O) then the worker reveals himself, and gets a higher expected payoff.

Each worker's utility is linear in money and he draws no utility from leisure. He is either a 'good match' for a particular firm or a 'bad match'. In the case of a good match, the value of the worker to the firm is 1 dollar per period of employment, and in the case of a bad match the value is o. e. before the quality of the match has been realized) and have linear utility in money. The matching process between firms and workers is as follows. Each period a machine randomly and costlessly assigns workers to firms.

Proof Let U = {ulu: NxN ---'» R, uE U define (Tu)(t,j) = ~ p(t, j)[1-0Evf + II u 1100 S 1-0Evf}, and, for every OU(H 1, j+ 1)] + [1-p(t, j)]ou(H 1, j) It can be seen that T maps U into itself. Indeed I/Tu// oo S ~ p(t, j)[I-oEvf + o(I-0Evf)] + [1-p(t,j)]o(I-0Ev f) = (l':"- OEvf [0(1- Ip) 2 + 1 p]. w Now, 0(1 - ~ p) + ~ p S 1. To see this, notice that this expression is positive and increasing in 0, and for 0 = 1 it equals 1. Therefore, I/Tul/ oo S 1-6Evf' Also, Tis monotone and, for any constant r, T(u+r) Berkovitch: Stigma Theory of Unemployment 43 ~ Tu + Or.

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