Agrobiodiversity: characterization Utilization and by David Wood, Jillian M. Lenné

By David Wood, Jillian M. Lenné

International recognition to biodiversity has multiplied some time past decade. Agricultural biodiversity is an important a part of biodiversity for human survival, but has been overlooked as a subject matter. This booklet presents a vast assessment of present pondering on agrobiodiversity - what it's, the way it is conserved, and the way it may be higher used in sustainable farming. It brings jointly contributions from a large geographical and disciplinary heritage. Emphasis is put on practical interactions among parts of agrobiodiversity in a number of farming structures, illustrated by way of many case reviews. The publication relates the evolution of agrobiodiversity and its profitable administration to the wider setting and to the starting to be have to preserve biodiversity in effective agricultural structures. it really is crucial examining for ecologists, biologists and agricultural scientists.

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