All's Well That Ends Well by Harold Bloom,Paul Gleed

By Harold Bloom,Paul Gleed

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The feeling is so unconscious too, and involuntary, is brought out in such small, unlooked-for, and unostentatious circumstances, as to show it to have been woven into the very nature and soul of the author. The story of Isabella is scarcely less fine, and is more affecting in the circumstances and in the catastrophe. Dryden has done justice to the impassioned eloquence of the Tancred and Sigismunda; but has not given an adequate idea of the wild preternatural interest of the story of Honoria. Cimon and Iphigene is by no means one of the best, notwithstanding the popularity of the subject.

When Bertram, whom the king had compelled to espouse Helena, flies from France to avoid any further connection with her, and had engaged in the Tuscan war, her mourning and reflections upon that occasion, are extremely moving and tender; particularly in her manner of accusing herself with having been the cause of all his perils. QQQ 1777—Maurice Morgann. From An Essay on the Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff STA All's Well That Ends Well fi26 26 11/23/2009 3:43:33 PM All’s Well That Ends Well in the Eighteenth Century 27 Morgann (1726–1802) was a man of letters perhaps best remembered for this extended study of the Shakespearean character Falstaff.

Bertram’s sole justification is, that by the exercise of arbitrary power, the King thought proper to constrain him, in a matter of such delicacy and private right as the choice of a wife. Besides, this story, as well as that of Grissel and many similar ones, is intended to prove that woman’s truth and patience will at last triumph over man’s abuse of his superior power, while other novels and fabliaux are, on the other hand, true satires on woman’s inconsistency and cunning. In this piece old age is painted with rare favour: the plain honesty of the King, the good-natured impetuosity of old Lafeu, the maternal indulgence of the Countess to Helena’s passion for her son, seem all as it were to vie with each other in endeavours to overcome the arrogance of the young Count.

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