Ammonite faunas and stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous by JenFo Nagy

By JenFo Nagy

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Material: - One fragment of a body chamber preserved as internal mold. Description: - The whorl section is subhexagonal with greatest thickness at the umbilical bullae. The umbilicus has a sloping wall rounding evenly into the flanks. The venter is sub sulcate and bears two rows of alternating clavi the long axes of which are approximately parallel to the siphonal line. On the lower flanks the primary ribs form coarse umbilical bullae, with which the secondary ribs are indistinctly connected. On the ventral margin the ribs unite in pairs with the ventral clavi.

B. Part of the external suture (x 2) of A32812 from locality 20. b. Otohoplites guersanti (D'ORBIGNV). External suture ( X 3) of A32811 from locality 4, at a whorl height of about 26 mm. c. Otohoplites cf. guersanti. First lateral lobe (x 3) of A32810 from locality 4, at a whorl height of about 45 mm. ) Small arrows indicate points where the figured suture is truncated by the preceding suture. Genus Otohoplites 1925 Otohoplites guersanti (D'ORBIGNY 1841) PI. 4, fig. 1; text-fig. lOb STEINMANN 1841 Ammonites Guersanti n.

1841 Ammonites Guersanti n. sp. - D'ORBIGNY, p. 235, pl, 67, figs. 1, 2, 4. cf. 1965 Otohoplites guersanti (D'ORBIGNY). - CASEY, p. 505, pl, LXXXVI, fig. 4; text-figs. 190a-c, 191 f-g. Material: - Three specimens preserved as internal molds with attached fragments of the shell wall. The specimens are crushed laterally. Description: - The whorls are higher than wide and have gently convex sides. The umbilicus is narrow, with low, subvertical wall and definite but rounded rim. The venter of the phragmocone is subtabulate, whereas the venter of the body chamber is rounded.

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