Among the Druzes of Lebanon and Bashan by Joseph Thomas Parst

By Joseph Thomas Parst

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Mount of water flat most had mud of rains had made roofs which are charac- the Lebanon buildings. percolated through these neglected roofs, and for seven years had been dripping winter by winter upon the European furniture, which, though once beautiful, was 36 now The Druzes of Lebanon and Bashan in a terrible state of dirt The rooms and disrepair. house had been locked up of the and sealed by Consular authority, as soon as Mrs. Worsley died. were The carpets and moth-eaten, all the curtains was furniture covered with dust, the place was swarming with rats and vermin, while snakes and jackals abounded in the twelve acres of rocky terraces that surrounded the house, and belonged to The paths and the estate.

Of Damascus and the worst elements amongst the Druzes were encouraged to participate, which compelled the European Powers to interfere, and put a stop to the awful massacre that took place in the memorable year 1860. The Lebanon was now placed under the protection of the Great Powers, and a Christian Governor-General was appointed whole of the Lebanon with at his for the headquarters Bteddin, near Deir-el-Kamar, with four lieutenant-governors for certain sub-divisions of the Lebanon, one Druze with districts, of whom was always a his headquarters, for the removed from the ancient Druze capital of Deir-el-Kamar to the religious centre of the Druzes at Baakleen, situated about three miles from the chief governor's palace at Bteddin.

A EUIN EESTORED. The village centre of Ain Anub containing the powerful Emir Erslan. ated, nearly hills, 2000 an important Druze headquarters of the It is beautifully situ- feet high, on the Lebanon overlooking the city of Beyrout and the Mediterranean Sea. two When I paid my first the village in 1907, I took possession visit to of is sets of buildings that ing to ruin. were rapidly go- They had belonged to a brilliantly clever but eccentric lady, Mrs. Worsley, sister famous Bishop Gray of Cape Town, who obstinately dragged her devoted husband from of the their comfortable to search home in England amongst the Druzes ants of the Hittites.

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