Atlas and Manual of Plant Pathology by E.H. Barnes

By E.H. Barnes

Ideally a textbook should still combine with the lectures and labs in a technological know-how path. decide upon­ ing this kind of booklet may be an arduous (and occasionally most unlikely) job for the trainer. scholars are cautious of having caught with a "useless" ebook, i. e. , one to which the teacher by no means refers. The reader most likely has a few functional appreciation in their predicament. I remem­ ber an teacher who not just denounced the very textual content he had selected, but in addition proficient the category that he would not be utilizing it. This used to be after I had already bought a replica! Being aware of the foregoing, i made a decision to attempt Barnes' Atlas and guide of Plant Pathology in 1973. Six years and 800 scholars later i've got no regrets approximately my selection. so far as i'm involved it's nonetheless the best e-book of its style in this continent. Barnes' Atlas includes an exceptional mixture of the diagnostic and experimental points of plant pathology. His therapy of every sickness on anyone foundation permits the instruc­ tor to put out of your mind a few pathogens with out annoying the book's continuity. My one-semester path in wooded area Pathology is essentially descriptive. robust emphasis is put on box attractiveness of signs and symptoms. this is often facilitated by way of Barnes' method. In a series of images, the diseased plant or half is first considered as a complete to teach the final signs. this can be frequently by means of a close-up ofthe symptoms (i. e.

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Insert a sterile loop into diseased tissue and streak lightly across a potato· dextrose agar plate containing 2Y2% agar (Fig. 5-6A). The extra agar makes the plates firm and easy to streak without gouging into the agar with the loop. This first streak should be less than halfway across the plate. Sterilize the loop and streak back and forth at right angles to the first streak. Be sure the loop is allowed to cool after sterilizing. Half of the plate should now be covered with streaks (Fig. 6B). Do no streak repeatedly in one area but make a zigzag line.

Bacterial plant diseases are controlled by sanitation, insect control, resistant crop cultivars, nursery plant inspection, crop rotation, and seed certification. GENERAL REFERENCES Breed, R. , Murray, E. G. , and Smith, N. , Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology, 7th ed. Baltimore, Williams and Wilkins, 1957. Dowson, W. , Plant Diseases Due to Bacteria. London, Cambridge, 1957. Elliott, Charlotte, Manual of Bacterial Plant Pathogens, 2d ed. , 1951. , Bacterial Plant Pathogens, trans. by A.

Soft rots attack a large number of plants. They strike in the fields, in storehouses, in the marketplaces, and in homes throughout the world. The most striking symptoms of soft rot are mushy texture (Fig. 5·1B) and the dramatic olfactory stimulus-it stinks! When the bacteria cause decay of potato seed pieces, the shoots become streaked with black and die (Fig. 1A). This syndrome, or set of symptoms, is called blackleg. Several closely related forms of bacteria cause soft rot. The first described were Bacillus carotovorus from carrot in 1901 by L.

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