Betrayal: The Crisis in the Catholic Church by The Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe

By The Investigative Staff of the Boston Globe

Introduced thoroughly modern during this new paperback variation, this groundbreaking booklet offers a close, devastating account of the Catholic Church's decades-long cover-up that has left hundreds of thousands of yank Catholics surprised, indignant, and careworn. Encompassing the tale in its entirety--as it has opened up during the U.S. and during the Church hierarchy--BETRAYAL brings into concentration the rankings of abusive clergymen who preyed upon blameless little ones, and the cabal of senior Church officers who coated up their crimes.- probably the most resonant and influential works of investigative journalism in view that Woodward and Bernstein's reporting on Watergate.- brilliant courtroom files, secured in the course of the efforts of Globe reporters, are reproduced in an appendix.- a necessary, insightful, necessary textual content for the Church leaders, either lay and clergy, who've already all started charting a brand new direction for the Catholic Church in America.- The hardcover variation of BETRAYAL is now in its fourth printing with greater than 50,000 copies in print.

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7. 59 Ibid. 1. 37. 22 Biblical and Historical Sources child of God is only born through baptism. 62 More tersely, there is no salvation through procreation. Augustine was refuting a notion that was evidently prevalent enough to spark his ire, namely, that if Adam’s original sin was transmitted from parent to child, then so too was Christ’s grace transferred among the elect. The elect carried in their bodies something akin to a ‘godly seed’ that was passed on to oVspring. Yet this implied that humans could engineer their grace over time through the progressive breeding of the most spiritually Wt.

112 It is through marriage that humans learn to participate in larger social relationships that can never be separated from Christ as the Lord of creation, and it is within marriage that its apparent inequality ‘dissolve . . 113 In developing this claim, Schleiermacher asserts that the ultimate equality of marriage is derived from its covenantal quality in which its ‘earthly’ and ‘heavenly’ dimensions are made one. The one-Xesh unity of marriage captures this earthly dimension, reXecting the need for at least a modicum of cooperation between women and men in attending to their respective physical needs, as well as ensuring survival of the species from one generation to the next.

103 ‘All churches ought to pray to God and praise him: a Christian family is a church: therefore &c. The major is past doubt, the minor I prove from the nature of a church in general, which is a society of Christians combined for the better worshipping and serving of God. I say not that a family, formally as a family, is a church; but every family of Christians ought moreover, by such a combination to be a church: yea as Christians they are so combined, seeing Christianity teeth them to serve God conjunctly together in their relations’ (ibid.

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