Biology of Rice by Shigesaburo Tsunoda and Norindo Takahashi (Eds.)

By Shigesaburo Tsunoda and Norindo Takahashi (Eds.)

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2. The H o m e la n d o f O. sativa: P la n t E v id e n c e It was suggested, as mentioned, that the wild progenitor has in its genetic system a potentiality to differentiate the two main rice groups, the indica and ja p o n ic a types, and that its differentiation gradually pro­ ceeded with domestication. It may be questioned whether the original site o f O. sa tiv a is one or many. Based on comprehensive considerations o f available information on hunting-gathering cultures, Harlan (1975a) put forward the hypothesis of diffused origins of agriculture.

From variation studies on the morphology of rice hulls found in old bricks, Watabe and Toshimitsu (1974) and Watabe (1977) estimated several cultivar dissemination routes, and considered that all those routes started from an area covering Assam to Yunnan. Reviewing literature of different disciplines, Chang (1976a, 1976b) designated a broad area extending over “ the foothills o f the Himalayas in South Asia and its associated mountain ranges in mainland Southeast Asia and southwest China” as the place of domes­ tication o f O.

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