Bionic Sourcebook (Rifts RPG) by Kevin Siembieda

By Kevin Siembieda

Compendium of data at the cyborgs and bionics of Rifts Earth all accumulated and accrued in a single priceless ebook with new bionic guns, devices and elements, in addition to different new details. New cybernetic and bionic guns, disguises and augmentation. Over a hundred and sixty cybernetic platforms: guns, sensors, implants, and so on. Over a hundred and twenty bionic platforms: guns, instruments, sensors, armor and extra. Plus overseas cybernetics and bionics, and a Cyborg Index. The Cyborg O.C.C. redefined - 4 major varieties, together with Partial 'Borg, complete Conversion 'Borg, Cyber-Humanoid, and Mining 'Borg (with notes on Slave Borgs). Six urban Rat O.C.C.s. The Cyber-Snatcher Villain NPC. extra at the Cyber-Doc and Black marketplace cybernetics. historical past information, clarifications, non-compulsory tables, making maintenance and extra.

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