Blackmail and Bribery (Crime Scene Investigations) by Bonnie Juettner

By Bonnie Juettner

Examines the crimes of blackmail and bribery, how they are investigated, and the way criminals are prosecuted.

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It did not go well. At first, state troopers got a tip that Bulger and his gang were working out of a garage. State troopers staked out the garage and kept track of Bulger’s comings and goings. They observed drug dealers, loan sharks, and hit men (assassins) arriving at the garage. After six months of observing that location, a judge allowed troopers to put a bug in the garage. Troopers had one problem after another with the bugs. One was squashed when a 400-pound Mafia associate sat on it. Other bugs kept picking up radio transmissions.

Some gangs beat up or kill witnesses who testify against them. On the other hand, if bookies and drug dealers pay the extortion money, they may gain benefits. Others know they are under the protection of the gang or the Mafia. They may be able to go to their protectors for help or for revenge, if they are attacked or robbed. (For the same reason drug dealers do not go to the police to report extortion, they are unlikely to go to the police if someone robs them and takes all the money they had earned selling drugs that day.

61 Blackmail and Bribery probable cause. Probable cause means that a judge agrees that it is reasonable to think a crime might have been committed. Then the judge issues a search warrant to give agents access to financial records. ”33 Because IRS agents are involved after the FBI has already done its undercover work, tax charges often follow criminal charges on a case by a year or more. For example, Nicholas Blase, the mayor of Niles, Illinois, was arrested by the FBI in June 2006. He was charged with pressuring Niles residents to buy insurance from a company owned by one of his friends.

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