Brave, The: Conquering the Fears That Hold You Back by Hayley DiMarco

By Hayley DiMarco

The teenager years are choked with fears massive and small. youth are afraid to be themselves, frightened of being skipped over, fearful of being by myself, and fearful of being misplaced within the crowd. They crave realization and reputation and spend a lot in their time reacting to the terror of now not becoming in.

Bestselling authors Hayley and Michael DiMarco aid youth include being the "me" they're imagined to be, whatever the expectancies or criticisms of others. they give kids "five soft stones" they could use to slay the terror, shyness, and different giants of their lives. ideal for any teenager, either the "confident" and the "shy."

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Though it might look like the world has the upper hand, it doesn’t, because God has it all under control, the good and the bad. All of it comes from him (remember Lam. 3:38). And when all of it comes from him, that means no one else has control over your life or can destroy you. Even if the enemy should want to hurt you, he must first ask God’s permission, as we see in the life of Job (see Job 1:6–12). This is freedom, and this is the foundation of all of your bravery. When you see God’s hand rather than the enemy’s, you are safe, even in the midst of destruction (see Job 13:15; Ps.

You can’t categorically say that fear is bad and that you want nothing to do with it, because there are a lot of fearful things that are fearful for a reason. In these cases bravery over good fear would be insane. To say “I’m brave! I can go pet that alligator” is crazy and stupid. Some fearful things exist in order to serve you and your faith. This is why good fears and bad fears get all muddled: because the bad fears promise to do the same thing for you. They promise to protect you from whatever you fear.

Sovereignty means God doesn’t just have the right or the power to rule over all things but that he always does rule all things, without exception. And if he has it all under control, then anything believers might suffer would be only what is best for them. The life of the apostle Paul was filled with hundreds of things he couldn’t control. Just read a small clip of the story of his life: [I faced] imprisonments, with countless beatings, and often near death. Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one.

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