Bullying Workbook for Teens. Activities to Help You Deal by Raychelle Cassada Lohmann MS LPC, Julia V. Taylor PhD,

By Raychelle Cassada Lohmann MS LPC, Julia V. Taylor PhD, Haley Kilpatrick

The Bullying Workbook for teenagers is the 1st useful, skills-based teenager self-help workbook that addresses either bullying and cyberbullying, an regrettably universal trouble for lots of of cutting-edge young people. The ebook is designed to aid teenagers examine anti-bullying thoughts, construct confident verbal exchange abilities to assist them exhibit their emotions and deal with their feelings, and achieve self belief in themselves and their interactions with others.

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Some activities require special equipment or an organized group, and you can check to see if there are facilities in your community. You probably won’t find snow skiing in Florida, and it’s not likely that there is a lot of horseback riding in the heart of New York City—but there is a form of exercise for everyone. The key is finding what suits you, what you can commit to, and what you truly enjoy so you are more likely to keep it up. If all else fails, you can always turn on your music and dance!

She used the same tactics as the contestants in the show had: Pick your allies. Paige identified the three friends she could trust most. Ask them to be in your alliance. Paige texted her friends and asked them to come to her house. Develop a plan of action. Once Paige and her friends were together, she told them what was happening. Her friends were upset and agreed to defend her against the bully. Paige didn’t want to attack the bully because she knew that would just make the situation worse. The group decided to start posting kind and uplifting messages on Paige’s site.

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