Can't Get Enough (Harlequin Blaze #211) by Sarah Mayberry

By Sarah Mayberry

He is every little thing she despises--a babe magnet with extra notches on his belt than a millipede has legs. And he thinks his coworker is wound so tightly she irons her undies at night.Two humans could not be extra apart.But whilst Jack Brook and Claire Marsden get caught in a sweltering elevator one afternoon, it is a diversified tale. by the point they are rescued, Jack and Claire have swapped confidences and oh, they have had the main fabulous intercourse in their lives!Back within the place of work they are nonetheless butting heads over initiatives, yet now there is a heightened know-how further to the combo. With this type of stress within the air, how can they withstand one other around of horny indulgence?

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I see. Well, she's a nice person. My niece Ronnie spent a week doing work experience with her Page 5 recently. " He paused in the act of flipping open the lid on his notebook computer. "Why didn't you ask me about the work experience? " Linda made a noise in the back of her throat. He recognized it as her deeply skeptical grunt and decided he was offended. " "Oh, come on, Jack. You're hardly the most patient of men. I didn't want you breathing down Ronnie's neck, making her nervous. " He leaned back in his chair, happy for any opportunity to crank his assistant up a little.

Jack joked. "I'm psychic. Which is why I suspect it's useless suggesting you tidy yourself up a bit before your appointment with Mr. Beck," Linda said, her tone indicating she already knew his response. "You are psychic, you know. It's uncanny," he said, loving that he could annoy her. Linda's eyes flicked down to his black, three-quarter-length cargo pants, slip-on sandals and unironed Hawaiian shirt. "You're lucky Mr. Beck likes you," she said on her way out of his office. Jack snorted, his mood shifting abruptly as her words triggered a memory.

Right. Jack. You're the one with the red Porsche, yeah? Nice little number," Ted said, his tone all male appreciation. "It's an early 2002 model, right? The one with tiptronic transmission? " Jack reined in his frustration. This guy didn't seem to have a real tight grasp on the urgency of their situation. "About the elevator, Ted," he hinted. He glanced up as Claire shifted restlessly, a frown creasing her forehead as she no doubt wondered what was going on. He could imagine her reaction if he told her Ted wanted to talk cars.

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