Carbonate Platform Slopes - A Record of Changing Conditions: by Hildegard Westphal

By Hildegard Westphal

Periplatform slope sediments from the Bahamas function an instance for a small-scale sedimentologic list of environmental alterations. Carbonate structures react sensitively to sea-level fluctuations. for this reason, sediments deposited at the slope in the course of lowstands range in composition from highstand deposits. A moment concentration is the early diagenetic alteration and cementation of those sediments with their excessive diagenetic capability. This publication contributes to and discusses new advancements in carbonate sedimentology corresponding to the techniques of highstand laying off and early burial diagenesis, which even have an influence on reservoir reviews.

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Fauna. Organisms that originate within different sedimentary facies belts along the platform-slope transect are represented mainly by benthic and planktic foraminifers, and by a variety of sessile organisms that characterize reefal and other sedimentary realms. 36 4 Primary Signals - Sediment Input Scleractinia. A large number of species have been described from platform top and upper slope deposits that are approximately time-equivalent to the intervals investigated in this study (Beach and Ginsburg, 1980; Kievman and Ginsburg, in press).

Larger forms like Pyrgo (Defrance, 1824) are rare (-Plate 3B). Wall structures are usually largely obliterated. According to Rose and Lidz (1977) and Murray (1973), Miliolidae are interpreted as indicators of shallow-water input. They are abundant in platform top sediments of the modern Bahamas, especially in water depths shallower than 3 m. In extremely shallow-water, rotund forms predominate. They are found to prefer mudbank habitats (Rose and Lidz, 1977). e. elevated saline sea-water lagoons), and Miliotinella is tolerant to elevated salinities of up to as much as 50%o (Murray, 1973).

The identification of aragonite and low Mg-calcite under the SEM is based on morphologic characteristics. As they show the same elementary composition they cannot be distinguished by straightforward EDX analysis. Identification of aragonite was performed using selective staining of aragonitic constituents with diluted Feigel's solution (Schneidermann and Sandberg, 1971). Aragonite, being slightly more soluble in acids, reacts faster with Feigel's solution. The solution leaves traces of Ag-precipitates on the aragonitic constituents.

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