Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by Erich von Daniken

By Erich von Daniken

The writer makes an attempt to provide an explanation for such complicated archaeological discoveries because the stone figures on Easter Island and numerous temple and cave drawings.

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Seen in this light, the Flood becomes a preconceived project by unknown beings with the intention of exterminating the human race except for a few noble exceptions. But if the Flood, the course of which is historically -proved, was quite deliberately planned and prepared-and that several hundred years before Noah received orders to build the ark-then it can no longer be accepted as a divine judgment. Today the possibility of breeding an intelligent human race is no longer such an absurd theory.

The goddess Frigg has a maidservant called Gna. The goddess sends her handmaid to different worlds on a steed which rises in the air above land and sea. The steed is called "Hoof-thrower," and once, says the saga, Gna met some strange creatures high in the air. In the Alwislied different names are given to the earth, the sun, the moon, and the universe depending on whether they are seen from the point of view of men, "gods," giants, or dwarfs. How on earth could people in the dim past arrive at different perceptions of one and the same thing, when the horizon was very limited?

This story, incidentally, does not tell us much that is new. Nevertheless, chariots of light, wheels, and smoke were spoken of as magnificent apparitions as early as and in connection with Adam and Eve. A fantastic event was deciphered in the Lamech scroll. As the scroll is only fragmentarily -preserved, sentences and whole paragraphs of the text are missing. However, what remains is curious enough to be worth retelling. This tradition says that one fine day Lamech, Noah's father, came home and was surprised to find a boy who, judging by his appearance, was quite out of place in the family.

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