Clays and Clay Minerals of Japan by Toshio Sudo

By Toshio Sudo

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Left: Parallel nicols. Right: Crossed nicols. (By courtesy of N. 7) of unoxidized and oxidized samples both consist entirely of the peaks of montmorillonite minerals. 50 A, indicating that the samples are composed of both dioctahedral and trioctahedral montmorillonites. It has been confirmed that the b-para- OUTLINE 44 meters calculated from the spacings of the (06,33) peak on the basis of a monoclinic cell, decrease slightly on oxidation. The DTA curves (Fig. 12) of unoxidized and oxidized samples resemble each other closely, showing the peak system of montmorillonite minerals.

6-1' ... '7 . B 0 45 ; ; . >... .. . . A '"7 I I I ....... . I I I I I . :,>. '. 0:. ,' ' bi. No. 6-2 100 . 60 40 -2-1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Velocity (rnm/sec) Fig. 13. Mossbauer spectra for the clay altered from volcanic rock fragments in Oya-ishi (Kohyama, Shimoda and Sudo, 1973). 6-1) Unoxidizedsample. 6-1') Partially oxidized sample. 6-2) Oxidized sample. 7. Using EPMA, chemical analysis was performed on the two different parts, Types I and 11. The chemical formula of Type I in the primary state was obtained as (NaO.

They also examined the detailed distribution of the clay minerals in Tokyo Bay, and pointed out that the proportions of different clay minerals are controlled to an appreciable extent by the movements of the sea water: montmorillonite tends to occur in lesser amounts than other clay minerals in areas of more active movement. As for the claymineralogical analysis of sedimentary rocks, they have reported various examples to show differences in clay mineral assemblages between strata of different geological ages, and between different formations of the same age, particularly those between two adjacent horizons in unconformable contact.

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