Cloud over Paradise (Harlequin Superromance No. 5) by Abra Taylor

By Abra Taylor

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Her misery was transparent. „I see by your face that you hesitate to put it into words,“ said Tania at last. „As if by avoiding the words you might avoid the truth! Perhaps the truth will not be so hard to face as you think. Why don’t you ask it, Marisa? “ faltered Marisa, asking the half of the question that she could bear to ask, thereby surrendering at last to self-knowledge: the knowledge that she herself was in love. Helplessly, hopelessly, unhappily in love. CHAPTER SEVEN „No, Tuan and I are not in love, and never have been,“ Tania answered levelly enough, but whether there was truth in those still brown eyes, Marisa was unable to discern.

I suppose I just assumed that he owned the land because he had designed the house. Perhaps he was saving the news of the present as a surprise. “ Tania picked a piece of grass and nibbled at it thoughtfully. “ „So do I,“ admitted Marisa with a rush of relief that the pretense could at last be given up. “ Tania laughed. „I reserve the right not to answer, of course. “ They began to tumble out. „You’ve answered some of them already, for to be truthful, I had wondered about you and – and about Alain.

Marisa, feeling sick, said nothing. “ Maeva looked at Marisa, puzzlement written in brown eyes that had remained until now unperturbed. „But why? It is very bad of Tania to be so careless, that is true, for she is not a stranger to the reef. And, Aye, it is bad that Vini tane had no weapons with him. With a weapon he might have killed the octopus sooner and not been swept against the coral. But where there is bad, there is also good! Vini tane gained much rnana for killing such a big wily creature.

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