Colonial America: Biographies, Volume 2 by Peggy; Carnagie, Julie Saari

By Peggy; Carnagie, Julie Saari

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Survivors either migrated or joined other tribes. Although they had numbered five thousand in 1674, by 1832 there were only eighty surviving members of the once-great Narragansett tribe. chusetts Bay forced him to sign a new treaty that gave the Wampanoags no land rights. Wants support for uprising At about this time Metacom evidently began planning the uprising that came to be known as King Philip’s War. Although he received the backing of other Wampanoag leaders, Metacom knew that the tribe was too small to fight the English alone.

Endecott had the Maypole chopped down, and he changed the name of the place to Mount Dagon. Morton was finally acquitted (found innocent) of the charges in England, so he returned 222 Colonial America: Biographies reared up, with a pair of buck’s horns nailed on, somewhat near unto the top of it: where it stood as a fair sea mark for directions; how to find out the way to my host of Merry-Mount. . performed in a dance, hand in hand about the Maypole while one of the Company sung, and filled out the good liquor.

Remains wary of colonists Metacom was born around 1640 in present-day southeastern Massachusetts. As he was growing up he was sensitive to the increasing population of English newcomers. He was one of five children of Massasoit (see entry), a Wampanoag chieftain who had aided and cooperated with Pilgrim colonists in Plymouth. Massasoit has been criticized for selling too Portrait: Metacom (King Philip). Reproduced by permission of Archive Photos, Inc. 213 much Native American land to the English in exchange for their support.

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