Comparative Youth Culture: The Sociology of Youth Cultures by Mike Brake

By Mike Brake

Mike Brake means that subcultures enhance in keeping with social difficulties which a bunch stories jointly, and exhibits how participants draw on collective identities to outline themselves.

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At the time, through the media, this aspect of American youth culture was influential not only in the United States, but in Britain, Canada and Europe. For Parsons, youth culture is related to the bridge between the dependency of childhood and the independence of adulthood. It is a sort of adolescent ‘rite de passage’, and essentially a middle-class one; working-class youth exists only on the periphery. Parsons (1964) argues for a shift of emphasis in middle-class youth culture in the 1950s, where he saw a greater acceptance of scholastic achievement, replacing ‘rebelliousness or sullen withdrawal’.

On the one hand, there is a concern with alleged increases in violence and a lobby for incarceration and punishment; on the other hand, the liberal lobby which keeps children in the home is often supported because it is less expensive to return children to the community. Unfortunately, children sent to institutions are now seen as the most dangerous and are therefore kept longer, often in conditions which are extremely poor, and then returned to impoverished social conditions with poor prospects to survive as best they can.

This interpretation of the differential organisation model means we need to consider the material basis of this in a pluralistic society. Bourgeois theories of pluralism confuse the empirical presence of several cultures and subcultures based on class and ethnicity with political pluralism. Because there is a culturally rich and varied differentiation of social life in a complex, industrial society, this does not mean that the various communities have any basic influence, or access to equal power, concerning major political and economic decisions.

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