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99 Core Clock 1,000MHz 900MHz Memory Clock 1,100MHz 1,026MHz Memory Interface 192-bit 192-bit Memory 1GB GDDR5 1GB GDDR5 3DMark 11 Performance AMP! com otac released two cards based on Nvidia’s GF116, a vanilla version with a custom cooler at stock settings and an overclocked AMP! version, which features the same cooler. We got our hands on the latter card and were impressed with what we saw. As we’ve come to expect, Zotac’s custom cooler is an attractive offering that blends matte black plastic with patches of yellow metal mesh.

As we’ve come to expect, Zotac’s custom cooler is an attractive offering that blends matte black plastic with patches of yellow metal mesh. A central fan resides on a sizeable chunk of aluminum, which lets Zotac crank the core clocks way up. ’s up to 1GHz. The memory clock was also tweaked, from 1,025MHz to 1,100MHz. The GF116 features 192 CUDA cores, 32 texture units, 24 ROPs, and a memory subsystem that consists of a 192-bit memory bus and 1GB of GDDR5. The card gets power from a single 6-pin PCI Express connector, and the backplane Z features a pair of DVI connectors, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort.

This seemed to work flawlessly for a while and increased performance. I used the MSI Afterburner tool to see how far it would overclock and got the card to 910MHz before causing a hard reboot. I didn’t run the card this way for very long, so I didn’t think anything of it. Unfortunately, my system started locking up shortly afterward. I flashed back to the original BIOS, which didn’t seem to matter. I figured that I likely damaged the card at this point but decided to reinstall Windows 7 to rule out any software-level issue.

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