Computers For Smart People by Robert S. Swiatek

By Robert S. Swiatek

A normal booklet on computing, with emphasis on what programming involves.

Table of contents
1. parts of language
2. Our programming language
3. dossier makeup
4. A file program
5. dossier access
6. application abends
7. the net account display
9. extra Modifications
10. Assigning values
11. Updating fields
12. Programming standards
13. The zip code file
14. Programming creativity
15. including documents and calling a program
16. The referred to as application and using
17. Fuzzy math
18. Deleting accounts
19. universal statements
20. Arrays
21. Down within the dumps
22. Base systems
23. Sorting bubbles
24. A application in action

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Sample text

Assigning values In the last chapter we saw the keyword value as well as the use of the assign statement, which is accomplished by the equal sign. Before proceeding, let us look at some examples of both these concepts since there are two different ways of accomplishing the same result. The value keyword allows us to give a variable some initial value. 10. In the first case x consists of five positions with the last being 7, preceded by four leading zeroes. The values 7 and 00007 are equal. The computer will store that number with the leading zeroes.

You have seen the equal sign before but there it was used as a logical operator in conjunction with the if. In this line and a few others in the program, this symbol is used as an assignment operator as it gives a field a value. We have another assignment in the line print-month = work-date(5:2) which moves the two characters in work-date starting in the fifth position to print-month. This is 09, which happens to be the month. You can then see that work-date(7:2) turns out to be the two characters in work-date starting in position 7, which are 10, which is the day.

A simple change will get us out of this mess. All we need is to move the label up one line to the read statement and then we would eliminate this looping. Thus our statements become: start: read acctfile if acct-status = 0 print “account number ” account-number go to start else go to end-program end-if end-program: end and now there is no difficulty and the program will eventually end without us having to interrupt it. This program could also have been written as start: read acctfile if acct-status = 0 print “account number ” account-number 36 go to start end-program: end which I prefer since it’s fewer lines of code.

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