Confessions of a Girl: Truth to Be Told by Tessa Sean Hershberger

By Tessa Sean Hershberger

This e-book is fantastic! tessa presents actual perception into the lives of younger girls and judgements they face. she presents godly suggestion and knowledge for younger women who're confronted with many selections and judgements that they make in the course of those serious years.

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We just have to take the time to listen. Well, I’m sorry, but that time is now. There’s absolutely no more time to waste, no more time to delay. ——— RAISING THE WHAT? ” I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, maybe from a coach or a teacher. I actually heard it first from my 8th grade Bible teacher. ” So where does the term “raise the bar” come from anyways? (My mom had to tell me the answer to this one. ) Think of someone who does pole-vaulting and the bar that they’re jumping over. Each time that bar is raised, that person has to work harder to reach that bar and get over it.

It’s going to turn into definition number two. I never said that my proposal would be easy. It will be difficult to bear for a period, and it will take more spiritual strength than any other type of strength. But once again, what is our beautiful burden? (See definition 3). That’s right. It’s a responsibility, a duty, and a mission. A predetermined mission that God had laid out for us even before He created the world. How then, is this burden beautiful? Well, the very fact that God is calling us to carry this burden is beautiful!

Think about yourself. While the “trust” part of the song rocks, well, the selfishness that’s displayed in the rest of the chorus eats away at that little speck of light in what I discovered to be a false melody of lies. We’re being sent the same message from every direction today. It comes from movies, from song lyrics, from TV shows, from magazines, and so on. The very people we look up to are even giving us the message. So many of the most 36 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? A LOT! popular celebrities go from relationship to relationship like it’s some kind of hobby.

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