Confessions of a Teen Nanny #3: Juicy Secrets by Victoria Ashton

By Victoria Ashton

"I was once intended to be the committee chair of the ease, and that i will be," Cameron Warner introduced. "And you are going to support me." "No means, Cameron," Adrienne Lewis stated. "We had a deal, remember?" Cameron pointed her completely manicured finger at Adrienne. "What deal?" Adrienne requested innocently, yet she cringed within. She'd was hoping Cameron had forgotten their dialog on the long island Cotillion. "You support me dethrone Princess Mimi," Cameron crooned. "And I allow you to in at the mystery Parker Devlin is maintaining out of your gal-pal Liz. And, think me, this can be whatever she oughtta know." Adrienne sighed. Cameron can make her existence hell, as she had some time past. "Fine, i'm going to aid you," Adrienne stated. "So what's this mystery of Parker's?" "No, no, no." Cameron smiled her evil, megawatt smile. "First you support me. Then I support you." There are secrets and techniques far and wide . . . After-school nanny Liz Braun's filthy rich boyfriend, Parker Devlin, has a secret—one so scandalous that he will not percentage it with Liz. while the secret's ultimately blown huge open at the night information, all of Parker's so-called associates unload him. damage, Parker pulls clear of Liz—the one one who can really support him. Eight-year-old Emma Warner, the little woman Adrienne Lewis looks after after college, has a mystery too. and she or he says it truly is approximately Adrienne! What may well Emma be aware of? Evil Cameron Warner has many secrets and techniques, yet her juiciest ones are approximately Parker's sordid extracurricular actions and approximately Adrienne!

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I thought you could use it since you’re going to be hanging out at the stables,” Parker said, grinning. ” “I always try to know where you are,” Parker said. ” 27 C O N F E S S I O N S O F A T E E N N A N N Y He leaned in to give her a real kiss, but before his lips touched Liz’s, his cell phone rang. Parker straightened up and pulled out his cell. He glanced down at the number on the phone display. ”Without waiting for Liz to respond, he spun around and left the room. I hate that cell phone! Liz thought.

Adrienne asked, looking up at Graydon. Graydon concentrated, listening to the music for a second; then, lowering his head to her ear, he translated in a husky whisper: “Who would have thought, I’d be so lucky? Who would have thought it would be you and I, here tonight? Who would have thought that a girl like you would be here with a guy like me? And you should know, You should think, I could love you. . ” Adrienne gazed up at Graydon, intoxicated by the lovely words. He was smiling down at her with a serious expression, gazing deeply into her eyes.

Adrienne laughed. Graydon was presumptuous, duplicitous, conniving, and right now utterly adorable. ” Graydon said. “The lady laughs.

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