Conservation of Living Nature and Resources: Problems, by Professor Dr. Alexey V. Yablokov, Dr. Sergey A. Ostroumov

By Professor Dr. Alexey V. Yablokov, Dr. Sergey A. Ostroumov (auth.)

This booklet is predicated on our books, released within the USSR and translated in a couple of different international locations Conservation of dwelling nature: difficulties and views (1983) and the degrees of conservation of dwelling nature (1985). It differs from nearly all of the various books on conservation and setting, that are more often than not committed both to precise difficulties of conservation of sure taxons, or to difficulties of conservation of prescribed areas, or to normal problems with environmental conservation in toto, whereas the issues of the conservation of residing nature are represented in basic terms to a small measure. Our publication is without doubt one of the volumes - at this time no longer quite a few - that position a excessive worth at the range ofliving nature because the foundation for the life and improvement of mankind in the world. residing nature, in addition to its personal intrinsic price, normally was once, is now and may ever stay the only, specified and crucial source and supplier for mankind.

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1983). This finding adds important information to the previous data about the action of this compound on A TP generation in mitochondria, on the biosynthesis of proteins and lipids, on the metabolism of glucose, alanine, oleate etc. 3 Photodestruction of Chlorophylls in Photosynthetic Membranes The photodestruction of chlorophylls may take place due to the interruption of the processes of energy transfer from the chlorophyll molecules which have absorbed the quanta oflight energy, to the acceptor molecules.

1984). Of the 6 million t dry matter of sewage sludge produced annually in the EEC, 30% is used as fertilizer in agriculture, and this leads to the unintentional pollution of the soil by xenobiotics and products of biotransformation of their molecules. A dangerous process is the interaction of nitrites and amines in sewage waters or in sewage sludge, with the formation of nitrosamines which are potent mutagens and carcinogens. Among the ecologically hazardous processes which may accompany the biodegradation of molecules of pollutants are the changes in biochemically important parameters of water: levels of oxygen, natural antioxidants and peroxides, pH etc.

In guinea pig liver MNFA is hydrolyzed more quickly than in rat or mouse liver, and this may explain the higher toxicity of MNFA for guinea pig than for mice and rats (Paulson 1984). Another example of toxification is the conjugation of certain arylhydroxylamines with N-glucuronic acid and these conjugates in turn are converted to highly reactive arylnitrenium ions under acidic pH which could explain why humans and dogs with acidic urine are more prone to bladder cancer when exposed to arylamines than animals with basic urine (Paulson 1984).

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