Content Manager Backup Recovery and High Availability: by Jackie Zhu Wei-Dong

By Jackie Zhu Wei-Dong

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On AIX, a file system volume would be represented by a file system mount point (that is, /home/rmadmin/lbosdata). When Content Manager uses the storage area, it creates a configurable number of subdirectories to enable an efficient and fast object storage and retrieval. Within these subdirectories, Content Manager will store the objects as files, using internal Content Manager structures for the file names. Files will be removed from the storage areas by the deletion reconciliation utility or by the migrator process.

Usually, both client pieces come together as a single installation package. How incremental file system backup works Tivoli Storage Manager provides a unique, efficient method for its standard backups such as the Content Manager Resource Manager storage area backup. This method, called progressive incremental backup, is the default recommended 40 Content Manager Backup/Recovery and High Availability method. Tivoli Storage Manager also provides other methods that are not covered here. One very important characteristics of Tivoli Storage Manager is that the server manages the files it stores using a relational database to know the exact location, status, expiration, and other information of each file.

Whenever the staging area reaches 190 MB in size, the purger process will begin to selectively delete files from the staging directory, and will continue to do so until the directory reaches 10 MB in size. Chapter 2. Backup and recovery strategies and options 35 200 MB 190 MB 10 MB Upper Threshold Lower Threshold 0 MB Figure 2-10 Staging area thresholds Figure 2-11 shows how to accomplish these setting in the Content Manager System Administration Client. To get this panel, click Resource Managers → RMDB → Staging Area.

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