Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick

By Liz Maverick

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The Grid was the network that served as the technological backbone of CrimsonCity's enforcement matrix; it was how the Ops teams communicated. Ops—CrimsonCity's human government's intelligence agency. Part FBI, part CIA, part Special Forces, they were the ones who handled everything. The Grid was how their Battlefield division out on the streets connected to the intelligence division behind the walls of the base. It was how they supported their comm devices, how they linked up the computer systems… and how they controlled their mechs.

Cyd picked up her drink in one hand and her plate in the other and slid into one of the booths that had been vacated upon her arrival. She'd come to Bosco's seeking the familiar, and a link to survival in the form of food, work and shelter. And while the normalcy of the scene was something of a relief, there was also a pure culture shock that made it all she could do not to reveal how shaken she was from the last few hours. "Absolutely no fucking idea" was, of course, a clear-cut lie. She knew where she'd been.

The suddenly visible arsenal didn't seem to faze her. The girl stumbled over to the bar and leaned toward Bosco, who stuck the muzzle of his gun against her throat and pushed her back. " he asked. It was more of an accusation than a question. Finn could only see the back of her now, but the girl didn't answer. Cyd. Cydney. The name seemed vaguely familiar, but he had no context for it. "I asked where you been," Bosco growled. Cyd swallowed and seemed to gain a little composure. She was still on edge, but it clearly wasn't the weapons, wasn't Bosco.

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