Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments (Volume 1) by Jonathan Little, Thomas Weight

By Jonathan Little, Thomas Weight

Author note: Thomas Weight (Editor)
ISBN note: name has no ISBN. ASIN B00BL9B6KC

This poker ebook made up completely of fifty distinct hand examples taken from small stake, quick dependent No restrict Hold'Em tournaments, that's the most typical online game Jonathan Little's scholars play regularly. such a lot poker avid gamers begin through enjoying small buy-in occasions at neighborhood casinos or on-line poker rooms and turn out wasting some huge cash simply because they fail to benefit the optimum technique to beat this video game.

Allow Jonathan Little, a time international Poker travel champion with over $5,000,000 in stay match winnings, to teach you the way to rework your video game so that you can speedy flow as much as the excessive stake video games, no matter if you don't have a wide bankroll instantaneously.

If you examine all of the hand examples in quantity 1-14, you'll the best way to take on over seven-hundred person events you'll stumble upon frequently on the desk, permitting you to easily make optimum judgements within the warmth of conflict.

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