Dark Nebulae by Russell H. N.

By Russell H. N.

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Hitler makes a deal Hitler and various conservative leaders bargained for months, trying to make a deal to join their parties so that together they would have enough votes in the Reichstag to be able to pass legislation. These leaders felt the Nazis were basically on their side, and could be useful in helping them run the country. They believed the Nazis just needed to be “tamed” a little. They convinced President Hindenburg to name Hitler as chancellor. Most of the members of the cabinet would not be Nazis, but old-fashioned conservatives.

They helped organize secret patriotic societies, some of them with tens of thousands of members. These organizations wanted Japan to increase its military and naval forces, they wanted Japan to seize a larger empire, and they were against a democratic political system. Sometimes they assassinated civilian politicians who did not agree with them. By the 1930s, Japan was in many ways coming to resemble the fascist governments of Italy and Nazi Germany. Fascism is a political movement marked by extreme nationalism, celebration of military strength, strong anticommunism, and a belief in a single all-powerful leader.

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