Data Mining Cookbook by Rud O.P.

By Rud O.P.

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Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data

As some of the most complete computer studying texts round, this ebook does justice to the field's fantastic richness, yet with out wasting sight of the unifying ideas. Peter Flach's transparent, example-based technique starts off through discussing how a junk mail filter out works, which supplies an instantaneous creation to desktop studying in motion, with no less than technical fuss.

Fuzzy logic, identification, and predictive control

The complexity and sensitivity of recent commercial methods and platforms more and more require adaptable complex keep watch over protocols. those controllers need to be capable of take care of situations hard ôjudgementö instead of easy ôyes/noö, ôon/offö responses, situations the place an vague linguistic description is frequently extra proper than a cut-and-dried numerical one.

Data Clustering in C++: An Object-Oriented Approach

Facts clustering is a hugely interdisciplinary box, the objective of that's to divide a suite of items into homogeneous teams such that items within the similar staff are comparable and gadgets in numerous teams are rather precise. millions of theoretical papers and a couple of books on information clustering were released over the last 50 years.

Fifty Years of Fuzzy Logic and its Applications

Complete and well timed record on fuzzy good judgment and its applications
Analyzes the paradigm shift in uncertainty administration upon the advent of fuzzy logic
Edited and written by means of best scientists in either theoretical and utilized fuzzy logic

This booklet offers a accomplished file at the evolution of Fuzzy common sense considering that its formula in Lotfi Zadeh’s seminal paper on “fuzzy sets,” released in 1965. additionally, it contains a stimulating sampling from the extensive box of study and improvement encouraged by means of Zadeh’s paper. The chapters, written by means of pioneers and fashionable students within the box, express how fuzzy units were effectively utilized to man made intelligence, regulate thought, inference, and reasoning. The booklet additionally studies on theoretical matters; gains contemporary purposes of Fuzzy good judgment within the fields of neural networks, clustering, info mining and software program checking out; and highlights a big paradigm shift brought on by Fuzzy good judgment within the region of uncertainty administration. Conceived by means of the editors as an educational social gathering of the fifty years’ anniversary of the 1965 paper, this paintings is a must have for college kids and researchers prepared to get an inspiring photograph of the prospects, boundaries, achievements and accomplishments of Fuzzy Logic-based systems.

Computational Intelligence
Data Mining and information Discovery
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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I would check the status from home to make sure there weren't any problems. I didn't want any unpleasant surprises on Monday morning. In this chapter, I begin with an overview of the model-building process. This overview details the steps for a successful targeting model project, from conception to implementation. I begin with the most important step in developing a targeting model: establishing the goal or objective. Several sample applications of descriptive and predictive targeting models help to define the business objective of the project and its alignment with the overall goals of the company.

Lifetime Value A lifetime value model attempts to predict the overall profitability of a customer (person or business) for a predetermined length of time. Similar to the net present value, it is calculated over a certain number of years and discounted Page 12 to today's dollars. The methods for calculating lifetime also vary across products and industries. As markets shrink and competition increases, companies are looking for opportunities to profit from their existing customer base. As a result, many companies are expanding their product and/or service offerings in an effort to crosssell or up -sell their existing customers.

A unique numeric or alphanumeric code that relates to a particular product or service. Sales activity. The amount of the transaction. Date of activity. Date the transaction occurred. A credit card transaction database will typically contain dates, charge amounts, returns, payments, and fee activity including late fees, overlimit fees, and/or annual fees. A useful summarization for modeling is monthly totals for each field. A catalog company's transaction database will typically contain dates, source codes that identify the specific catalog, sales, and returns.

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