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I CAN CAN BEEF!! How to can beef to save money and time with quick, easy, delicious family recipes

In i will be able to Can pork! ! you are going to learn how to can scrumptious, obviously flavorful and delicate red meat cubes. The good defined step by step directions are through a chain of simple and attractive recipes for super-quick nutritious family members foodstuff.

What will you study during this book?
1. you'll examine effortless step by step ways to thoroughly domestic can red meat for your self and your family.
2. you are going to learn how to considerably reduce your meals expenditures and elevate the dietary worth of your family’s diet.
3. you'll easy methods to store for red meat to get the simplest costs at the best quality cuts of meat.
4. you are going to easy methods to use the canned red meat cubes in scrumptious, effortless recipes that may make dealing with the drive-through look like extra hassle than cooking a fit meal to your family.

These thoughts are written in order that an individual, even if you're a whole beginner or a pro domestic canner, can keep on with alongside. every thing is step-by-step with motives of the how in addition to the why of the simple steps.

Dr. Shambrook makes use of either her educational educating adventure and her pleasant down-home tale telling kind to obviously clarify the method of canning red meat in a fashion that even the main green domestic canner can stick with.

J. Sheekey Fish

Within the middle of London's Covent backyard, J Sheekey has been delivering the best fish, oysters, shellfish, and different culmination de mer because the Eighteen Nineties. Josef Sheekey was once a industry stall holder given permission through Lord Salisbury to serve fish and seafood in his 1896 estate improvement in St Martin's court docket, at the proviso that he provide food to Salisbury's after-theater dinner events.

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The jars of meat were stored in the cellar under the cabin on shelves that had been built for that purpose. Other food items that had been canned could also be found on the shelves in the cellar. The cellar was cool even in the hottest months, helping to preserve the meat from spoilage. The canning process began when the men pulled a steer out of the herd and butchered it. All of this work was done right there on the farm with the tools and equipment that were available in the 1930s. The beef was hung up and skinned out, and the butchering process started.

Here is a guideline for mixing bleach solutions: Sanitizing activity Ratio Pots, pans, dishes, and utensils 2 oz. 5 oz. / 3 gal. 5 oz. / 3 gal. (About 10%) Sanitation concerns also apply to all the utensils being used to prepare your meat or fish. Cross contamination of meat products from unsanitary use of food processing equipment is a valid concern. All of this discussion of sanitation and cleaning may seem extreme, but the next time you hear a report on the news about someone getting sick from the food they have eaten, remember what you have read in this book.

Since the bacterium that cause foodborne disease and illness are commonly found in the animals that enter the slaughterhouse, commercially prepared foods must meet strict safety regulations that have been established by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). People who hunt and fish, or people who raise animals on their own property for slaughter, need to follow the same safety standards that have been established for commercial food producers. Fish and meat that reach our dinner table have been monitored for safety from the farm or hatchery, through the slaughterhouse, through the packing facility, and all the way through the retail distribution system.

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