Digital Design with Cpld Applications and VHDL-Pld Lab by Robert Dueck

By Robert Dueck

Booklet by way of Dueck, Robert

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12 Briefly state the relationship between the brightness of an LED and the current flowing through it. Why is a series resistor required? 21: Circuit for Two-Way Switch on a light from either the top or the bottom of the stairwell and off at the other end. The circuit also allows anyone coming along after you to do the same thing, no matter which direction they are coming from. Draw a circuit showing how an OR-gate output will illuminate an LED when the gate output is LOW. Assume the required series resistor is 470 ⍀.

Clock generator A circuit that generates a periodic digital waveform. Coincidence gate An Exclusive NOR gate. Complement form Inverted. Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) A family of digital logic devices whose basic element is the metaloxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET). Data book A bound collection of data sheets. A digital logic data book usually contains data sheets for a specific logic family or families. Data sheet A printed specification giving details of the pin configuration, electrical properties, and mechanical profile of an electronic device.

Specifically, a chip of silicon on which an integrated circuit is constructed. Dual in-line package (DIP) A type of IC with two parallel rows of pins for the various circuit inputs and outputs. Printed circuit board (PCB) A circuit board in which connections between components are made with lines of copper on the surfaces of the circuit board. Breadboard A circuit board for wiring temporary circuits, usually used for prototypes or laboratory work. Wire-wrap A circuit construction technique in which the connecting wires are wrapped around the posts of a special chip socket, usually used for prototyping or laboratory work.

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