Energy harvesting materials by David L Andrews

By David L Andrews

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Design and Synthesis of Light Energy Harvesting Proteins 51 shown) support our observation that the B850 are very large, nonspecific aggregates probably dominated by BChl self-association. The balance between BChl self-aggregation and subunit oligomerization is a central design concern for LHC complex formation. 76 BChl self-aggregation is certainly a competitive process for LHC assembly on one hand, but it is conceivable that it may be organized appropriately to drive the LHC oligomerization and contribute significant stabilization energy to the LHC complex on the other hand.

Sphaeroides containing 30 amino acids. 79This 3 1 amino acids peptide, labeled sphP3 1, was our starting point for a top-down minimal LHC maquette design. The work by Loach, Parkes-Loach and colleagues identified sphp3 1 as the minimal structural unit in bacterial LHCs and explored the effect of specific pigment-protein interactions on complex formation and spectral properties. Nango and colleagues continued along the same lines exploring the binding and assembly of BChl as well as Zn-substituted BChl ([Znl-BChl), chlorin and porphyrin derivatives with truncated LH1 apo-proteins prepared by solid phase peptide s y n t h e s i ~ .

Koepke J, Hu X, Muenke C, Schulten K, and Michel H. The crystal structure of the light harvesting complex I1 (B800-850) from Rhodospirillum molischianum. Structure 1996; 4: 58 1-597. 26 M . K. Sener and K. Schulten 15. Ouyang Y, Andersson CR, Kondo T, Golden SS, and Johnson CH. Resonating circadian clocks enhance fitness in cyanobacteria. Proc. Nut. Acad. Sci. USA 1998; 95: 8660-8664. 16. Park S, Sener MK, Lu D, and Schulten K. Reaction paths based on mean first passage times. J. Chem. Phys. 2003; 119: 1313-1319.

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