Export Tanketttes - Exportni Tanciky Praga by Vladimir Francev

By Vladimir Francev

New reference e-book approximately early WWII German Tqnkettes textual content in either English and German

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Export Tanketttes - Exportni Tanciky Praga

New reference ebook approximately early WWII German Tqnkettes textual content in either English and German

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The headaches became relentless. My eyes were painfully sensitive to light. I spent hours each day in a darkened room in bed. Meanwhile my husband Mark, an avid tennis player, began stumbling and bumping into walls. An award-winning journalist, he struggled with memory and groping for words. He was forced to leave his job after realizing that he had spent hours trying to read a single simple paragraph. Our youngest son David began to sleep so much that he could not do his homework or see his friends, and eventually could not get to class.

My family found our way to doctors who diagnosed infections clinically and treated empirically while providing symptomatic relief for chronic disease. These were the best of the Lyme disease doctors. They treated babesiosis and addressed our Lyme disease relapses, and over the course of years brought us back to health. We found them compassionate and responsible. However, being the patient of such a doctor is stressful. He or she may be under investigation, and will rarely take insurance for fear of being profiled as an outlier and further stigmatized.

Her presentation is not intended to reflect the views of all patients, but rather to draw on her personal experiences with Lyme disease, and her interviews with both Lyme disease patients and researchers to provide a commentary and a basis for discussion of how research takes place in a context of human experience. What follows is a first person narrative. Lyme disease entered my life in 1993, when my husband Mark, our two sons, and I moved to Westchester County, NY. Our lovely property abutted a spruce forest, and we reveled in our new contact with nature, which included squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other animals and birds.

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