Slumber by Samantha Young

By Samantha Young

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I drowned out the sounds of my shalow, panicked breaths, the hiccupping cries of my brother as I practicaly hauled him with me, and the holering and thundering behind us that made me race harder. When the thundering eased, I knew I had lost them in the fields. We were smal and knew the land as wel as we knew each tiny scar and line upon our palms. I headed east, picking up my brother when he tripped; shushing him when I was no longer sure we were alone. At last we reached the cave my father had punished us for hiding in only a year before.

Haydyn never spoke harshly to anyone. ” “Of course, Princezna. ” Jarvis’ brow furrowed deeply. I imagined my brows were just as furrowed. Haydyn nodded, relaxing a little. ” You tell them, Haydyn, I wanted to say. But I didn’t. She already looked so lost and afraid. Jarvis sighed wearily. “Wel, I think before we panic, we should discover the realities of the situation for ourselves. ” Haydyn exhaled, seeming relieved by his suggestion. She turned to look at Matai, who stood on guard at the door.

Why did everyone’s opinion matter so much to her? She was as smart and capable as any of us fools whose advice she solicited. I sighed inwardly, wishing she’d remember she was fair and just and royal - she should not concern herself with my opinion, or anyone else’s for that matter. Instead I gave her a soft smile. “Lord Matai’s right. ” Moment of anxiety over, Haydyn grinned cheerfuly as we entered the marketplace. Again al went quiet at the sight of us, but gradualy, as we trotted over to the stables, the noise level rose again.

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