a study on transduction an transmission in catfish ampullary

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5% Bovine serum albumin (PBS/BSA) (Sigma, St Louis, USA), the fin was incubated overnight in goat anti-mouse Monoclonal Anti-Acetylated Tubulin T-6793 (Sigma, St Louis, USA). The fin was rinsed with PBS/BSA and incubated over night with anti-goat antibody labeled with Cy3 (Sigma, St Louis, USA). Finally, the fin was rinsed with PBS/BSA again, dehydrated in an alcohol series and embedded in Depex (British Drug Houses, Poole, England). 2. Confocal microscopy Data was gathered using a confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) (Carl Zeiss Vision, Germany).

Figure 14 C illustrates the change in sensitivity in the electroreceptor organs in 3 separate experiments when 400 pM is added. Again, the sensitivity of all electroreceptor organs was decreased to less than 20 % of the original value. The time it takes to reach this minimum has not decreased compared to the low concentration. Also, the degree of inhibition scatters somewhat. Although the higher concentration doesn’t seem to make the effect stronger, the decrease in sensitivity due to the treatment is evident.

C. current clamp in the first segment. This elicited a spike train. 3. 1. Morphology Figure 16 shows a projection image of an afferent nerve fiber. This particular electroreceptor organ contained 16 receptor cells. The afferent dendrite of the electroreceptor organ branches strongly. All branches originated from one afferent myelinated fiber only, called the single parent afferent. This single parent afferent is indicated with a freckled structure in figure 16. The myelin sheath presumably prevented the antibodies to access the neural membrane, therefore it didn’t show clearly on the fluorescent staining.

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